Arnim Zola

Arnim Zola (Earth-616)


Technopathy: Arnim Zola possesses the ability to mentally control his various genetic creations by means of the ESP Box mounted atop his torso and surgically attached to his central nervous system. Although most of the creatures possess limited intelligence and the capacity for creative thought, Zola can override their mental processes if he so desires. The ESP Box is a retractable device that can convert brain waves into electronic signals for transmission as telepathic commands within ordinary radio range. Normally, Zola is capable of controlling only his own organic creations, but if he remains linked to his support equipment, he can stimulate his own mental power to such a degree that he can create a psychokinetic network able to animate inorganic matter within radio range. Zola is unable to control natural organic life. The ESP Box also provides Zola with the following powers:

Mind Control

Mind Ray

Mind Transfer


Expert Biochemist and Android maker

Strength level

Arnim Zola possesses the normal human strength of a male athlete in his prime, despite the fact that he does not exercise and is almost a century-old.


Zola deploys mental commands to his creations in the form of energy bolts of approximately 100,00 volts. Similar in purpose to the ESP Box, the prod is limited in range to 18 feet and can only work on his own organic creations.

Zola uses exotic weaponry, androids, and genetically engineered lackeys in his schemes. His androids (or "bio-servants" can host Zola's mind and life-force)