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Venom Usage: Bane's use of the Supersteroid Venom allowed him to temporarily enhance his physical functions to superhuman levels, particularly his strength, endurance, and speed. His body's senses and healing abilities are also augmented to a degree. Bane needs to periodically inject himself with Venom to retain these abilities, although overuse can result in temporary insanity.
  • Superhuman Strength: The primary effect of Venom is that it enhances strength to low superhuman levels, depending on how much venom is injected. Bane has been shown as stronger than Batman even without the venom , and while injected as able to bend thick steel. When Bane injects the maximum amount of Venom that is considered healthy into himself, he becomes capable of lifting about 2 tons. He is ultimately capable of exceeding his limit to 3 tons, though not without temporarily losing control over himself.
  • Enhanced Speed/Reflexes: Bane's speed and reflexes also increases when using venom, allowing him to run, move and react faster than the limits of even the finest human specimen, though these abilities vary on how much venom he takes.
  • Superhuman Endurance/Stamina/Durability: Bane's stamina, as well as the density of his muscle, bone, and skin tissue increases dramatically when using the drug. Bane's stamina is very high, as he is constantly supplied with new energy when injecting himself. His durability can perhaps become sufficient enough to potentially shrug off bullets, and resist falls from great heights, temperature or pressure extremes, and blows from superhuman opponents. He has proven capable of holding his breath for extended periods of time.
  • Superhuman Healing: Bane can also use his Venom as a form of medicine to heal from injuries, poisons and diseases. Depending on how devastating the injury, Bane needs to inject a certain amount of Venom into himself. When faced with extreme wounds, such as many broken bones, excessive blood loss, or terminal poisons or diseases, Bane needs to inject an unhealthy amount of venom which will cause him to temporarily go berserk in order to heal properly.


Genius-level intellect: Bane is also highly intelligent; Ra's al Ghul says that Bane "has a mind equal to the greatest he has known". In prison, he teaches himself various scientific disciplines equal to the level of understanding of leading experts in those fields, making him a bonda-fide Genius, as well as one of Batman's most intelligent foes.
  • Photographic Memory: he has a photographic memory, which borders on absolute total recall. This has allowed him to memorize the countless of skills, disciplines, and facts that he taught himself over his life. Within one year, he is able to deduce Batman's secret identity.
  • Polymath: Although Bane has had no college, high school, or even primary education, Bane has completely memorized all the facts in countless of encyclopedias and books during his time in Pena Duro. He is exceptionally knowledgeable in various subjects including Mathematics, various Sciences, History, Geography, Medicine, and most likely more, to a level that would have definitely given him degrees in these fields.
  • Polylingual: He teaches himself ten active languages and at least four additional arcane and dead ones, those mentioned are Spanish,French, German, Russian, Mandarin English, Urdu, Farsi, and Latin.
Escapologist Bane is challenged only by Batman and Mister Miracle in the arts of escaping and infiltration, and has managed to break out of Pena Duro (which is arguably the most heavily fortified prison in the world)as well as various maximum security centers, including Blackgate and Arkahm Asylum.
Expert Hand to Hand Combatant Bane is a highly formidable combatant who has not only Mastered, but also created several forms of Martial Arts. Though less skilled than the likes of Batman or Lady Shiva, Bane's fighting ability combined with his peak strength and endurance make him a highly formidable opponent for any non-meta and many metahuman foes.
Expert Strategist: He is also highly devious (he crafts the escape from Arkham Asylum of all of Batman's enemies), and a superb strategist and tactician, who has committed various famous war manuals (such as Sun Tzu's "The Art Of War" and Karl von Clausewitz's "On War") to memory.
Peak Human Physical Condition: In prison, Bane also invents his own form of calisthenics, meditation, and a unique fighting style. His strength and is slightly superior to the likes of Batman, even when not using Venom.

Strength level

  • Normally: Bane possesses peak human-level strength that appears to be greater than Batman's. He has demonstrated sufficient strength to punch and deform an iron gate, lift grown men by the throat with one hand, and punch grown men several feet through the air. He has also broken the bones of superhumans such as Killer Croc, and Azrael (New Earth) in hand-to-hand encounters. All of this was demonstrated when Bane was off of Venom.
  • When using Venom: Superhuman Strength to lift 2 tons with full power 3 tons


Drug Dependence: Dependence on Venom (He has currently kicked this however). Berserker Madness: If Bane happens to overdose on Venom, he will temporarily go into a feral state in which his physical abilites increase tremendously, but he himself becomes little more than a mindless berserker.


  • When Bane made use of Venom, he injected it into his brain through a special tube which was connected to some sort of wrist cuff, which could make practically limitless amounts of venom by absorbing the unknown ingredients from the air and instantly making them into the steroid. Thorugh a circular "control key" he could control the amounts that went into his body.