Superhuman strength: Bizarro is extremely strong, possessing explosive, almost unlimited super-strength. However, the exact magnitude of Bizarro's strength has never been measured or fully examined, but it is widely accepted that he is as strong as, if not stronger than Superman; when angered, Bizarro has proven to be more powerful than Superman, indicating a threshold to his strength his potential. As to be expected by a Kryptonian, Bizarro can easily overpower and kill humans, metahumans, and most aliens. He can break through and bend reinforced steel, crush wood, smash large structures and level entire cities.
Superhuman speed: Bizarro can exercise and or move at incredible velocities and speeds that greatly exceeds the sound barrier, and has the potential to move at speeds greater than the speed of light. For instance, on at least one ocassion, he has taken on the entire Justice League in a matter of minutes. He claimed to have tied with Professor Zoom in a race, something the Flash couldn’t even achieve.
Invulnerability: A living juggernaut, Bizarro is impervious to almost every known form of physical force including, bullets, bombs, missles, lasers, and was able to survive and use his abilities inside a vacuum of outer space without restriction or undue discomfort. Sufficient enough force however, can eventually wear Bizarro down. To date, nothing has been shown which can cause Bizarro permanent injury.
Self-sustenance: Unlike Superman, who relies upon solar radiation in order to tap into his super-powers, Bizarro requires no such external assistance. He does not need to eat or drink, and can function for an indeterminate amount of time without the need of rest.
Flight: Bizarro can fly under his own willpower without the aid of external assistance. The exact nature of this ability is unknown. Bizarro's top speed while flying is on pars with Superman's and should be enough for him to reach speeds of light . 
Arctic vision: Bizarro can emit and release a powerful concentrated amount of cold steam from his eyes, as well as shoot ice beams from them. These beams maintain subzero degrees of temperature enabling Bizarro to freeze solid objects, living organisms, and even other aliens with this ability.
Flame-breath: Bizarro can produce and spray super-heated plasma or lava-like fluid from his mouth through exhalation. He can destroy buildings, most living organisms, even aliens with this ability. He can also use this ability to ignite combustible materials within a specified radius. The range of this ability is unknown. This power serves as an analog to Superman’s Arctic Breath. As this ability mirrors Superman's arctic breath, he probably can destroy earth platelets much like Superman can extinguish stars.
Bio-Fission: While operating within an environment under a blue sun, Bizarro gains the ability to replicate new lifeforms from his own body mass. Using this power, Bizarro populated a cube-shaped planetoid that has become colloquially known as "Bizarro World".
Known Abilities: Through no fault of his own, Bizarro manages to confuse and confound opponents due to his backwards mental processes and lack of basic common sense. Even when an adversary believes that they have figured out how Bizarro thinks, the creature will often find a means of proving them wrong. In most instances, Bizarro's foes give him more intellectual credit than he likely deserves.
Strength level
Class 100+ ; Bizarro is able to easily lift in excess of 100 tons .
Blue Kryptonite has proven to be fatal to Bizarro. Exposure to blue Kryptonite radiation drains away Bizarro's strength, and prolonged exposure will ultimately kill him.