Iron Monger


Stane was an experienced businessman.

Strength level

Without the Iron Monger Armor, Obadiah Stane possessed the normal human strength of a man of his age, height, and build who engaged in moderate regular exercise. The Iron Monger armor gave Stane superhuman strength enabling him to lift (press) at least 50 tons


Iron Monger Armor:

Body Armor

The Iron Monger armor was highly resistant to damage.


Each boot contained two miniature, magnetically powered turbines, which compressed ambient air into incandescence to generate thrust, thereby enabling the Iron Monger to fly.


The Iron Monger armor contained particle beam emission units ("repulsor rays") that could project tremendous concussive force.

Chest Laser

An intense laser beam, capable of vaporizing metal within seconds, could be projected from a unit mounted upon the chest of the Iron Monger battlesuit.

Computer Control

The tactical actions of the armor can be remote-controlled by computer. If the wearer was not experienced enough to operate the armor, the computer controlling the armor could compensate for this lack of experience. However, this is the armor's achilles' heel. If the computer controlling the armor is shut down or destroyed, the armor will temporarily become non-responsive to any commands given by the wearer, effectively paralyzing the armor until the wearer can engage manual control. The antenna that links the armor to the antenna can be seen on the left shoulder. Presumably, if this were destroyed, it would also have the same effect as loss of computer control.


Internal weapons of the Iron Monger.