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Elizabeth "Liz" Sherman is a pyrokinetic female human, and part-time Agent of the Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense. Her parents died when she accidentally set fire to the neighborhood as a child. After the incident, Sherman became a street thief for 10 years. Frustrated by her life, Elizabeth eventually joined the B.P.R.D.. Though she has left the Bureau numerous times, she always returns because it is the closest thing she has to a home or a family.


Sherman is capable of pyrokinesis (mental control over flames). She can mentally generate fire, projecting flames from her hands or having it surround her body in a protective cocoon. She has also, on rare occassions, been able to levitate with her fire, but this is a fairly uncommon occurence. Her powers are extremely volatile and are capable of a very wide radius and measure of destruction; when her powers first awoke as a child, she killed dozens of people.
Sherman's pyrokinesis appears to be something above and beyond "typical" pyrokinesis; more then once it has been hinted that her powers stem from some sort of entity or presense that dwells inside her, one that isn't necessarilly based on fire but rather energy in general. In "Seed of Destruction" Rasputin referred to Sherman's powers as a living thing, hinting that it might be seperate to her in some way. If this is true, then it would seem the "entity" that gives Sherman her pyrokinesis shares a symbiotic relationship with her; removal of her powers has been shown to be extremely damaging and even lethal to her. It is also possible that her powers stem from a portion of her soul instead of a seperate being; in "Hollow Earth" her energy is stolen away, leaving her body an empty husk. Her imprisoned powers are shown to look and act like her, insinuating that they are, in fact, her. In either case, it is clear that Sherman's pyrokinesis is a vital part of her being, necessary for keeping her alive.
Several characters have successfully used Sherman's power as a fuel or energy source, noteably Rasputin and the King of Fear, who used her to empower and Ogdru Hem and reactivate ancient machinery respectively. This further supports the suggestion that her powers are based around more then just simple fire.
In the Hellboy movie franchise, Sherman's powers differ slightly in that they can be easilly triggered by pain. This is only shown in the first Hellboy movie, with Sherman's abilities being much more controlled in the second.
Liz Sherman's powers and the nature in which they function are similar to those of the Marvel Comics superheroine/villain, Phoenix. Also, like Jean Grey, the Phoenix's alter ego, Sherman is a red-head and a part of "super team." In addition, both characters have died and come back to life several times. It is possible that these similarities are an intentional homage.