Genius-Level Intellect: Criminal genius with an exceptional understanding of business.

Leadership: Skilled in organized leadership.

Connections: Vast underworld connections.

Martial Artist (Judo)

Avian Trainer: The Penguin is also known for his usage of birds to help him commit crimes.


One of his cigarette holders holds a listening device to aid police (though its just a cover to get the police and court's respect)


He also is carried in limos and his penguin boat and penguin submarine.


Trick Umbrellas: The Penguin employs an assortment of "trick" umbrellas, many of which can be used as weapons as well. A few of his umbrellas are equipped with motorized flight capabilities, and he often uses such devices in order to affect an expedient escape.

Hidden Pistol: In his top hat (in some cases) he has a hand pistol for urgent situations.

Hidden Machine Gun: he also has a pop-out machine gun in his hotel sweat umbrella holder for urgent cases also.