The Riddler


Powers and AbilitiesEdit


Genius-Level Intelligence: Supreme problem-solver, criminal mastermind. He is a genius with brilliant deductive power. His mind excels with puzzles, minds games, and manipulations.
  • Expert Detective: he possesses great deductive skills and analytic ability.
Independently Wealthy: Riddler has a vast fortune that he has acquired over years of crime as well as legally.
Escapologist: Riddler is adept in escapology. Since childhood Edward has been a big fan of the late great Harold Houdini. using this skill to build his infamous elaberate death traps and easly escape handcuffs. Like the Joker he can escape the high secruity hospital Arkham Asylum when ever he pleases.

Strength level

The Riddler possesses the strength level of a man his age, size and weight who engages in minimal regular exercise. On one occasion however, the Riddler was injected with a dosage of Venom, which imbued him with super-human strength for a short period of time.


Those akin to an average human being.
Insanity (formerly) Causes his compulsion, NEED to prove him self, criminal life and incarseration at Arkham. Through complications of brain damage his insanity was cured.
Compulsively Honest: His inability to hide his true intentions and/or motives.
Obsessive Compulsion: Riddles (formerly): His riddles are in fact a bizarre obsessive compulsion; his attempts to stop himself from sending them has met with failure time and time again. This extends to the fact he cannot simply kill his opponents when he has the upper hand, but prefers to put them in a deathtrap to see if he can devise a life and death intellectual challenge that the hero cannot escape. However, of Batman's themed enemies, Riddler's compulsion is quite flexible, allowing him to commit any crime as long as he can describe it in a riddle or puzzle.