Black Panther

T'Challa (Earth-616)


As chieftain, the Panther was entitled to eat a special heart-shaped herb that granted him superhumanly acute senses and increased his already formidable strength, speed, stamina, and agility to the peak of human potential. He has recently approached the Panther God through mystical means who has made him stronger and more fit than ever before, meaning his strength and other abilities have been increased to Superhuman levels, the limit of these new powers are unknown but he was able to easily shatter machines as powerful as Doombots effortlessly with single blows.

Alchemy and ancient magicks gave him resistance to magical attacks

Superhumanly Acute Senses: T'Challa can see in total darkness as if it was a clear sunny day, something at over a few hundred feet appears as though it is right in front of his face. T'Challa's sense of hearing is enhanced in a similar manner, enabling him to hear sounds that an ordinary human can't and to be able to hear sounds that an ordinary human can, but at much greater distances. T'Challa can memorize tens of thousands of scents and track them to the exact location, can smell fear, and detect if someone is lying by change in body odor. T'Challa's sense of taste is sensitive to the point that he is able to taste the exact ingredients of any particular food he is eating.

Peak Human Strength: The special herb has enhanced T'Challa's physical strength to the pinnacle of human perfection. While not superhuman, he is considerably much stronger than the average human and is as strong as a human can be without being considered superhuman. At his peak, marvel hand-books class him to lift just under 800 lbs.

Peak Human Speed: T'Challa is able to run and move at speeds superior to those of any Olympic athlete. He is capable of reaching speeds of 30 mph and higher.

Peak Human Stamina: T'Challa's musculature is considerably more efficient than that of an average human, or most other normal humans in general. His muscles generate less fatigue toxins than the bodies of most humans. He can exert himself at peak capacity for several hours before fatigue begins to impair him.

Peak Human Durability: T'Challa's ability to resist and recover from physical injury or disease is also at the pinnacle of human capability. While he is susceptible to illness and injury as any normal human is, his ability to resist and recover from them is well above that of most other humans.

Peak Human Agility: T'Challa's agility, balance, and bodily coordination are also heightened to the pinnacle of human development. He is superior to any Olympic level gymnast that has ever competed.

Peak Human Reflexes: T'Challa's reaction time is superior to that of any Olympic athlete that has ever competed.

Clairvoyance (formerly): Many years ago, exposure to the Vibranium Mound gave T'Challa extra-sensory capabilities. He was able to see objects around him even while blindfolded. He also experienced visions of the future wherein he saw himself in conflict with the energy-vampire known as Kiber the Cruel. These powers disappeared shortly after his battle with Kiber.


Genius-level Intellect: T'Challa possesses a genius level intellect. His genius is as such that he is one of the eight smartest people on Earth. He possesses accomplishments such as a D.Phil. in physics from Oxford University.

Master Martial Artist: He has been groomed to be a warrior from birth. An expert in practically all forms of armed and unarmed combat, and a master of all martial arts including African and unknown forms. He is a master of stealth, disguise etc. He is considered to be one of the best martial artists to have ever walked the Earth. This is evident by him being able to stalemate and even gain the upper hand at times against opponents such as Captain America, Daredevil etc. in hand to hand fights.

Weapons Master: The Panther has mastered all known weapons.

Master Acrobat: T'Challa is a rigorously trained gymnast and acrobat.

Expert Marksman: He is a master marksman adept with hunting knives, firearms, and other projectile weaponry.

Master Tactician: T'Challa is a genius tactician, strategist, and leader who is practically peerless. He was taught tactics and strategies in his youth by his father who encouraged him to always think two steps ahead of his enemies and three steps ahead of his friends. His prowess is such that he is able to out think and out maneuver individuals such as Tony Stark, and other geniuses.

Expert Tracker & Hunter: Even without his superhuman senses, he is a master tracker and hunter. He can pick up a prey's scent and memorize tens of thousands of individual ones.

Multilingual: T'Challa can fluently speak his native language, English, and other various languages.

Master Inventor: He can invent various devices with special properties when needed. While not all of his inventions are as good as others made by Tony Stark and so on, he possesses engineering abilities and intellect that makes him a peer and has proven to be able to invent and create weaponry that rivals their engineering capabilities. T'Challa can also duplicate practically any other technologies after learning how they work or by glancing at the designs.

Highly Influential Connections: As king of Wakanda, the Panther has access to a vast collection of magical artifacts, technological and military hardware, as well as the support of his nation's wide array of scientists, adventurers, and superheroes.

Diplomatic Immunity: As the leader of a sovereign nation, He often visits the United States or the United Nations for political reasons. He enjoys diplomatic immunity during these trips, and his embassy is considered foreign soil.

Strength level

His strength is almost superhuman, Black Panther has demonstrated exceptional feats of strength like wrestling down a Rhino, knocking out a Polar Bear and even stopping a Elephant's charge. He's classed at the peak of human potential. Marvel handbooks class him strong enough to lift 750 lbs.


In spite of his enhancements, T'Challa is still an ordinary human being. He is susceptible to some of the same vulnerabilities other normal humans are.


Kimoyo card: An extremely powerful and versatile PDA. It functions similarly to the Avengers' communicards, but with many more practical applications. In one instance, the Panther called up a schematic of a jumbo jet's cockpit controls and took command of the plane, landing the plane safely in a river. "Kimoyo" is Bantu for "of the spirit".

Energy-Dampening Boots: Energy regulators create varying fields from the Vibranium in the molded soles of the boots, enabling Panther to survive a fall of several stories and land like a cat. Given enough momentum, the Panther can also scale walls or skim across water. The field can be also used offensively to shatter or weaken objects.

Vibranium Microweave Mesh: in his Panther uniform. The microweave robs incoming objects of their momentum; bullets do not ricochet off but simply fall to the ground when they come in contact with the weave. Likewise, the Panther cannot be stabbed, however, the costume (and Panther) can be cut if the attacker slashes along the uniform's grain.

Mask Lenses: Lenses in the mask cut glare and enhance the Panther's natural night vision.

Cloaking Technology: The cloak can be elongated, shortened or eliminated with a thought, and the entire costume can be covered allowing it to pass as normal street clothes.

Heavenly Armor: Lightweight body armor covering the user from head to toe in a similar fashion as Iron Man that operates by thought. It offers flight at high speeds, slightly enhanced strength,and more protection in combat.


Energy Dagger: with an ornate hilt carved of ivory or some kind of stone, and an energy-generated blade that can be set to stun or kill. The energy blades can be handled like either a physical knife or fired like darts, and regenerated repeatedly.

Anti-Metal Claws: Claws in the gloves are made of Antarctic Vibranium-based "Anti-Metal" that can break down basically all metals at the molecular level.

Ebony Blade

Other weapons available, such as swords, spears, shields, knives, clubs, quivers and arrows, a large variety of firearms and other weapons used for close range, and technological weapons and devices such as a large 'power glove.'