Tora Olafsdotter (New Earth)


Ice-Magic: Ice can, at will, project in various forms quantities of ice and snow through her hands just enough to down an opponent. She can create platforms of ice upon which she can skate. Before her initial demise, she was powered-up mysteriously (later revealed to be the result of the Overmaster). She was able to generate larger amounts of ice and snow, and gained super strength and the ability to fly. After her resurrection in Birds of Prey, Ice's powers seem incredibly destructive, expelling people from the building she's in as she awakens with bright white eyes, and conjuring a massive icy figure before her as well as controlling the weather to some degree, by causing the beginning of a blizzard far stronger than those known in that area.


Combatant: Above average hand-to-hand combatant.

Strength level

Although her strength is nowhere near as the powerhouses, Ice has been shown to bend steel with her bare hands after her exposure to the Overmaster's powers.