Bartholomew Allen II (New Earth)


Super Speed: Bart is a metahuman who can run and move his limbs at superhuman speeds. Biologically inherited ability to tap into the energy known as the Speed force. As Kid Flash, Bart was able to achieve speeds faster than Mach 10 and at speeds far greater than the speed of light if he pushed himself, but after he returned as an adult, Bart was able to achieve speeds even greater. In recent years, with the knowledge of the Speed Force at his disposal, Bart has managed to reach uncanny speeds, reaching as fast as the speed of thought. Bart is able to run across the surface of large bodies of water such as oceans. Bart can create wind vortexes by running in circles or rotating his arms and legs. His cruising speeds are subsonic (less than 770 mph; the speed of sound at sea level). This is fast enough to move through most cities and around people without causing too much disruption to the population. He can also run across bodies of water and up the sides of buildings.

Speed Force Conduit: The Speed Force is an extra-dimensional energy force from which most superspeed-powered heroes draw their powers.

Sharing the Force: Bart can lend speed to moving objects.

Stealing the Force: Bart can borrow speed from moving objects.

Speed Force Constructs: Bart can create objects of concentrated Speed Force energy.

Vibrating Molecules: Bart can become intangible by vibrating his molecular mass. Bart can temporarily extend this ability to anyone in his immediate vicinity (that is, those holding onto some part of his body), though it is rarely used in this way, as it requires a great deal of concentration and much higher vibration rates (thereby exhausting himself both mentally and physically, with a risk of becoming stuck permanently mid-phase unless he is forcibly shocked out of it). Used offensively, he could theoretically disintegrate and atomize organic material, though he has never actually done so.

Metabolize Wounds: Accelerating his healing factor while using the Force to sustain him, he could heal from grievous injury, however it should be noted that his injuries may not "heal right" and medical care may still be required.

Dimensional Travel: Bart can perform both limited time and inter-dimensional travel with the cosmic treadmill.

Time Alteration Resistance: He has also proven resistant to alterations in the timestream, possibly due to an oddity of his origin; his parents met only in post-Zero Hour continuity, but he actually arrived before the event.

Air Friction Reduction Aura: Possesses an aura that prevents air friction from affecting his body and clothes while moving. The aura also serves as partial protection from weather conditions such as snow, sand and rain.

Superhuman Agility: Bart can react with every part of his body at the speed that his feet can move, theoretically he can fight and preform actions at full speed.

Superhuman Stamina: Due to his connection with the Speed Field, Bart's stamina recuperates at an accelerated rate.

Bio-Fission: Shortly before the Our Worlds at War event, he developed the ability to create clone duplicates of himself. The clones always obeyed Bart's commands, and fused back with him once a task was completed. One of these clones was killed during a Young Justice mission to Apokolips, causing great physical trauma to Bart. He did not summon any of these clones again until theWorld Without Young Justice event; he was willing to use them from that point onward up until he donned the Kid Flash costume.


Super Speed Speaking: Flashes and other super-speedsters also have the ability to speak to one another at a highly accelerated rate.

Super Speed Reading: He is capable of speed-reading at superhuman rates.

Photographic Memory: Unlike other speedsters, Bart has a true photographic memory; that is, he can permanently remember everything he has ever read, seen or heard (other speedsters generally lose that information almost as fast as they gain it). For several issues after this revelation, Bart was shown spouting encyclopedic information concerning the situation at hand.

Multilingualism: Bart can speak both English and Interlac fluently (he hardly ever makes use of the latter, despite it technically being his native language), and presumably more on a basic level due to his speed-learning.

Strength level

Kid Flash possesses the strength level of a male teenager who engages in moderate regular exercise.