Night Thrasher

Dwayne Taylor (Earth-616)


None confirmed.

Genecide identified him as having "advanced DNA"

The White Queen found him to have powerful mental barriers (though this could be pure force of will and training).


Master Martial Artist: Taylor is an extremely skilled hand-to-hand combatant, trained in many martial arts including an unspecified Japanese martial art. Athletic prowess and fighting ability are par excellence; he has been able to hold his own against the Punisher.

Skilled Acrobat: He is also an exellent gymnast.

Weapons Designer: Taylor is a talented weapons and armor designer who often dabbles with any new ideas or known possibilities.

Computer Literacy: He also possesses a high proficiency in computer tapping, software coding, security set-up, and hacking.

Telepathic Resistance: He also has proven to have mental barriers that provide him with increased resistance against telepathy and mental attacks.

Strength level

Peak human strength, through his suits boost his strength with hydraulics.