Angelo Espinosa (Earth-616)


Extra Skin Elasticity: possesses between four and six feet of extra skin on his body. He was capable of stretching, deforming, wrapping, expanding, and compressing this extra amount of epidermis. When Skin is performing any of these stunts, it is only the epidermis that was manipulated; Skin's skeletal structure was the same as any normal, average boy of his age and height. When relaxed, Skin’s extra skin sags and gives him the appearance of a melted candle. At one point, along with compressing his skin tighter against his body, Skin was learning to manipulate the pigment melanin in his epidermis in order to appear normal. However, performing these two stunts together caused him to have migraines and he soon gave up on the idea of being normal.

High Resistance: Skin’s extra skin also grants him some degree of resistance to physical injury. The skin is also highly resistant to punctures and tearing, but the tensile strength of this resistance has not been recorded.

Stretching: Skin could stretch his limbs to some extent. Even though his bones couldn't stretch, they could move under his skin. This allowed his arms and legs to stretch to several times their normal length.

Shapeshifting: Skin could use his extra skin to change the shape of his face and body. Although he could change the shape of his body, he couldn't change his height, skin and eye color, or bone structure, so all he could do is change his looks, not his identity.


Skin has to stay focused in order to keep his skin in place. If he loses focus, his skin becomes loose and shifts position. Because of this, skin often complains that he has trouble finding his face because it shifts along with the rest of his skin.