Courtney Whitmore (New Earth)


Trained Gymnast


Strength level

Stargirl possesses the strength level of a girl who age, size and weight who engages in intensive regular exercise.


Cosmic Converter Belt


Star-Rocket Racer: Pat Dugan provided her with a car for her birthday. Although Courtney has yet to realize it, the car is actually a modified version of the original Star-Rocket Racer, once used by her predecessor Sylvester Pemberton.


Cosmic Staff

Anti-Gravity Field: Focused energy to defy gravity, allowing the wielder and others flight.

Defense Force-Fields: Also used in conjunction with flight to protect against atmospheric damage in high velocity flight.

Energy Blasts

Solid Energy Constructs: Ability to create simple solid energy constructs.

Heat Emission

Attunement: Ability to attune itself to it current wielder; doing so makes it hard for the staff to become attuned to anyone else, easily. Ability to receive mental commands from the wielder from a distance.