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Sara has above average intelligence, and is very athletic. She has police training in hand-to-hand combat, weapons, tactics and criminal investigation.

Also she is the current host of The Witchblade, she has been granted a wide array of abilities; she can form various weapons (swords, other stabbing weapons, hooks, chains, shields), generate a full body armor in order to protect herself and his host (should the situation arise, she can also form wings allowing flight), shoot energy blasts from the hand or sword, fire projectile darts, and whip-like grapples to attack or to climb. The Witchblade is also an excellent lock pick, and can heal wounds, even mortal ones. The Witchblade can re-animate the dead, emphatically show the host scenes of great trauma, and allow the host to relive experiences from past hosts as dreams.

The Witchblade is also known to be able to damage incorporeal beings and is capable of slaying other-dimensional entities and deities. It also has the ability to control and manipulate the elements.