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Transformation: Ronnie Raymond possesses the ability to transform from his normal state into Firestorm and back again through an act of will.

Elemental Transmutation: Firestorm has the ability alter the atomic structure of inanimate matter down to the molecular level. He can affect an object's density and mass as well, reconfiguring it into any shape or design that his imagination could conceive. This power was exclusive to inert material and could not successfully affect living biological mass. Any attempt to molecularly alter the characteristics of a living entity would result in a massive biofeedback of energy.

Density Control: Firestorm can alter the density of his body making him insubstantial enough that he can phase through solid objects.

Energy Absorbtion: Firestorm can absorb energy into his body and convert it into atomic power.

Energy Projection: Firestorm can absorb and project nuclear radiation and emit it as offensive blasts of energy.

Flight: Through an act of will, Firestorm can fly without the aid of wings or artificial enhancements. He can fly beyond the outer reaches of Earth’s atmosphere and can travel to the moon with little impediment. He can survive in outer space without equipment. He can reach speeds in excess of 600 mph.

Strength level

Firestorm has the strength of 2 men, quite possibly more.


Firestorm's power causes an atomic backlash if used against organic objects.