Marc Spector (Earth-616)

Quote1.png I am Moon Knight. The bearer of the mantle of Khonshu. Khonshu the justice bringer. I am vengeance.Quote2.png


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Moon's Might: At night, Spector's speed, strength, and toughness increased as the moon waxed, and decreased as the moon waned.
During his time as the Fist of Khonshu, Spector had these additional powers:
Moon's Might: as above, but at a higher level
Astral Vision: Spector could see magical beings that ordinary humans could not.
Night Vision: Spector could see in the dark.
Shadow Walk: Spector could become practically invisible in a shadowed area large enough to cover him.
Healing Factor: While in direct moonlight, Spector's injuries healed at a prodigious rate.
Currently, Spector has no superhuman powers.


Psychic Resistance: Spector's multiple personalities give him some protection against certain psychic powers.
Expert Pilot: He is an excellent pilot and aviator due to his years as soldier and mercenary.
Skilled Detective: Spector is a good detective with broad knowledge and understanding of the criminal underworld. He also knows many of the streets of New York very well due to being a cab driver in the alias of Jake Lockley.
Interrogation Expert: He is an expert at interrogation often employing law-enforcement methods and torture.
Expert Marksman: He is capable of hurling all types of projectiles with great aim and pin point accuracy as well as an excellent sharpshooter.
Weapons Master: Spector is adept with nearly every weapon ever invented ranging from swords, sticks, chains, projectiles.
Master Martial Artist: Spector is a former heavyweight boxing champion who underwent intense training as a commando, intelligence operative, and mercenary. He is skilled in many forms of combat and martial arts (Eastern and Western) including Boxing, Savate, Judo, and Kung-Fu; his knowledge is extensive enough that it has been shown he understands and can use pressure points against his opponents, striking nerve clusters to stun or even instantly incapacitate. On more than one occasion without powers he has fought the Punisher to a stand still.