Beatriz da Costa (New Earth)


Pyroplasm Form: Originally Beatriz's only power, gained from a saturation by an organic energy source called Pyroplasm, was the ability to breathe a jet of green flame from her mouth (this accident also permanently dyed her hair green as well). During the Invasion cross-over event, the alien Dominators set off a "metagene bomb" in the upper atmosphere which affected all super-powered beings and, after a period of illness, Fire found her powers greatly magnified as an after-effect. The "new" Fire was now able to completely turn into a being of green flame, in which form she could fly and throw devastating blasts, similar to the Human Torch.

Pyrokinesis: Fire can create and project green flame. She can also transform her body into living green flame.

Intangibility: Solid objects could pass completely through her form without causing injury.

Flight: Fire can fly through an act of will.


Covert Ops Agent: Beatriz is also a skilled investigator and espionage agent.

Expert Combatant: Beatriz was also trained by Batman in hand-to-hand combat.

Mental Resistance: She has some resistance to mind control due to the fact that, as a native speaker of Portuguese, her mind is resistant to instructions given in English.

Fashion Designer: She is shown to have a marketable fashion sense having at times worked as a fashion designer.

Strength level

Fire's strength is consistent with that of an adult human female in good physical shape who engages in moderate regular exercise.


Emotional Distress: Unfortunately, it took her some time to come to terms with her increased powers, and she often "flamed on" involuntarily when stressed or angry (and sometimes still does), a distressingly common event for a character depicted as having a tendency towards passionate outbursts.